Alone Amongst the Ruins, Part One

You can purchase and download Alone Amongst the Ruins here. The developers, Azukail Games, has a website that can be found here.

The hospital seemed long abandoned. The halls were empty of living souls and littered with debris. After waking in a bed in a too revealing medical gown, I searched for anyone who could tell me what had happened. I managed to find clothes that fit a little tight in a locker with shoes that uncomfortably squeezed my feet. I see the broken fragments of a cityscape through dirty windows but no defining features that tell me where I am. My only choice, it seems, is to leave this place and search out the answers elsewhere.

D6 = 5, so 5 cards pulled

D6 = 3, Drew 6 of Clubs

As I headed towards the hospital lobby, I found a small gift shop in the main entrance that still held some vital supplies. The porcelain figurines had been smashed, congratulatory balloons barely floating off the ground, and stuffed animals ripped and tossed about. I managed to find an unopened box full of trail mix packages that never got stocked on the shelves and a working flashlight in a back office.

D6 = 3, Drew Ace of Clubs

Just outside the hospital there was a small outdoor mall. I crossed the street, old habits causing me to look both ways, and began walking the once-decorative-now-weeded path winding before shops and cafes. After some searching, I was able to procure some beef jerky, dried fruit, and a few bottles of water somehow untouched by the looted store.

D6 = 1, Drew 10 of Diamonds

The mall ended abruptly and I found myself in a parking lot for a driving range. I made my way to the shop in search of anyone who could tell me what was happening. Just like all my previous excursions, I was alone. I spotted a few signs posted on the door reminding customers one of no direct eye contact and to speak in hushed tones.

D6 = 3, Queen of Hearts

I left and continued on in search of answers. I eventually found myself approaching a post office. A mail truck was tipped over, a breeze catching the occasional envelope and sending it spinning into the air and away from the crash. Several torn and discarded packages lay strewn about the entrance and just inside the vestibule. I tried the front doors but they were locked tight.

D6 = 4, 8 of Clubs

As I walked around the building, I turned down a side street littered with dozens of white, gray, and yellowing envelopes. I tried to see addresses, but water and mud had infiltrated the creases and everything was too damaged to read. Only one box remained untouched by the elements and within it, packed in those white styrofoam peanuts, was a first-aid kit.

D6 = 4, so 4 cards pulled

D6 = 6, 2 of Clubs

I had wandered further and found a park bench covered in wet leaves and mud. I cleaned a small spot and rested. As I scanned the area, a gleam caught my eye from a nearby park. I wandered over, observing a large tree that had fallen across the brightly colored children’s equipment. The source of the flash was the badge of a police officer that had been crushed under the fallen tree. After mustering up the courage, and choking back the small amount of food I had scavenged, I secured the gun from his holster. I silently prayed I wouldn’t need it.

D6 = 6, 4 of Hearts

Having sat down after removing the firearm from the fallen cop, I noticed the parked squad car amongst other vehicles in the parking lot. Some looked in worse shape than others. Rust had creeped up from the dings and dents across the frames. The cruiser, one single blue light spinning endlessly with the red one in silent vigil, seemed untouched by the elements. All of the tires, at least from where he sat, were flat.

D6 = 2, 10 of Clubs

I decided to circle back to the driving range to get another look through the offices, having only done a preliminary search of the shop. I looked through each drawer, closet, and filing cabinet. I was about to give up when I found a smartphone. The battery life was only 4%, but I thanked whoever was listening above that the previous owner did not lock it behind a password. Racing outside I tried to find a signal to call someone…anyone.

D6 = 5, King of Spades

After walking around with the phone raised in the air, watching the percentage drop to three, and no bars popping up, I raced towards an abandoned church I had seen by the playground. I smiled as the vine-covered steeple rose from the horizon. The front doors opened after a few shoulder slams which jarred me slightly. I carefully trekked up the rickety stairs, watching for rotten floorboards as I wound up the tower. Once I made it to the top the phone picked up a single bar. Before I could dial a number, it vibrated weakly and began to ring.

Part Two

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