Darkest Rogue is a turn-based dungeon crawler developed by Dreamplay Games. There are roguelike elements to the title, but my experiences with this aspect only happened once in the couple hours I put into it as it was difficult to actually die once you started getting on a role. The game has you slingshotting about the map attacking anything and everything in your way. You’ll bounce off walls, barrel through doors, and occasionally kill monsters in your chaotic moves. There is an energy system in place in the form of starvation. A classic meat icon represents your hunger and each move drops the number further and further down. You can pick up food from fallen enemies, but you’ll need to strategize your swipes if you find your meter dropping into single digits.

You start the game as a Sorceress whose weapon strikes were on the weaker side, but had a small arsenal of spells that used a mana meter to make up for this shortfall in damage. As you kill creatures, you level your character up and when this happens you are given the option to buff up a stat for more damage, higher hit points, and so on. Throughout the level, golden treasure chests await your plundering. These spit out lore books that allowed you to add new skills/spells or passive abilities to keep you alive the further you progressed. Occasionally, they would also award you with loot in the form of new weapons and armor to further buff your damage and increase your defense. There are other ways to get loot, new skills, and magical cards which grant you passive abilities when selected. And, that’s through boss fights and a merchant you come across before said fights.

The game’s in-app purchases do not hinder your progress. At no point did I feel I needed to watch an ad to unlock more gems or currency to unlock bonus treasure chests. I think, in the time I played, I only had a handful of ads pop up that could easily be skipped after a few seconds. I actually applaud the developer in not making the game more dependent on bowing to these usual necessities. It’s a lot of fun, and the fact that it’s free is a bonus. I could easily have seen spending a few dollars on this game, with no ads and the option to spend real money on chests. Instead, it’s there, in a side menu if you want it.

The graphics are crisp and clean, and when you get rolling with high damage, leveled-up skills, and bonus abilities, each swipe turns into a colorful and satisfying whirlwind of destruction. With each roll, you make your move against the monsters of the dungeon, and they in turn get their attack on you if you were unable to finish them off. Once the Sorceress died, I became a Knight and wasn’t even able to test the Hunter class given that I am currently unable to die with everything melting under one hit. As much as I was tempted to let my character starve to see that third class, I was just having too much fun. I’ll leave the link to the game for the App Store and Google Play store below. Go give it a try!

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