I remember the first time I tried it. Curiosity got the better of me, what can I say? Anyways, the first time I tried it was in college. I was helping myself to a little bit of everything at that point in life. What student keeping his grades barely above passing doesn’t? It was make or break time for finals. I’d blown off most of the semester smoking and drinking. Time slipped by and the next thing I know it’s the first week of May and tests are just around the corner.

So, I’m in my room freaking the hell out. I’m tearing the plastic covers off of my books, looking up term papers online I can maybe skim some info from, and even offering cash for anyone to come tutor me. Desperation doesn’t even begin to describe it. Roommate starts blowing up my phone with text messages. I ignore it as long as I can, but this is a guy who sends dumb pictures when he’s high and usually types the bare minimum when he’s trying to reach you. I think maybe he’s in trouble so I finally look.

Paul: where r u

Paul: where r u??

Paul: …

Me: dorm what up?

Paul: WHERE R U?!

Paul: sry was typing when u sent.

Paul: at desk?

Me: yes

Paul: turn around

Me: what?

Paul: turn around

So, now I’m just getting mad. Paul always loved to just mess with people. I don’t know why I turned around. I figured he would just let me stare at his side of the room for hours. Just as I was about to spin around and go back to my current crisis, there was this bright flash of light and Paul drops from the ceiling into his bed.

Long story short, he shows me the little blue vial. He’s talking a million miles a minute. I can barely keep up with him. Before I know it, Paul talks me into taking some of it. The rest of the night was a blur. At one point I remember being at the top of the Eiffel Tower. There was definitely a bar fight where I threw a fireball, yeah a fireball, at the guy trying to punch me. Like I said…a blur.

But, that’s everyone’s first time with Mana. You go a little heavier than you should. Next thing you know you’re walking down Times Square, naked, and shooting ice rays from your fingertips. But, once you find that balance, there isn’t anything that little blue liquid can’t do for you. It changed my life and it can change your life too. 

The government is doing what it’s doing because they’re scared. Scared of what this stuff can do to their donations. The pharmaceutical companies are demanding they lock Mana down. Sorry, I’m rambling. What you’re looking for is a taste. A little sample to test your imagination.

I promise, you only need a drop. Just a tiny bead on your tongue. Let it roll back. It tastes like fire doesn’t it? I see the sweat starting. Listen to my voice and don’t fight it. It feels like you’re on fire. Not you, inside you. Deep down. Like the molecules and atoms are ablaze. Just ride the pain another moment. It’s already getting better. You feel energy. Tingling from your head to your toes. It feels like you’re shaking. Almost vibrating.

Open your eyes…let it out. Test yourself. Become a god.

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