Thousand Year Old Vampire, Part Three

Part Two

Thousand Year Old Vampire can be purchased in physical form and PDF on Indie Press Revolution and digital form on, if you wish to purchase this amazing game. Tim Hutchings, the creator of this experience, can be found on Twitter.

*You begin a fantastic construction that puzzles the mortals around you. Give just a hint as to it’s purpose. Lose a Resource and gain the Skill Visionary.*

The men were not enough. He realized they were poor constructions of that haunting face. He needed a bigger tapestry. It wasn’t long before he decided to use a nearby cliff for his newest project. Using nothing but claws and muscle, he began molding the rock and dirt in a reflection of the one he could not escape. The local townsfolk begin to visit the site during the day. They see no tools so view this as a miracle of God. So long as they did not touch it, he would stave off destroying them all.

*Your knowledge of old things becomes a strength. Based on a checked Skill, what knowledge do you share with contemporary mortals? Check a Skill. Create a Resource.*

He returns to the group of hunters whenever they stay on trips to the forest. On their latest journey, he taught them more unique and effective traps using natural resources. They thanked him, and again praised the good fortune of his visit. Before they parted ways, he was gifted with a golden coin. It was beautifully decorated with symbols and carvings. They told him it was one of their organization’s oldest traditions to gift it to any new members of their club.

*Your strange accent and old ways always reveal you as an outsider, mocked and cheated at best or hated at worst. Smother these useless traits by converting an old Memory to a new Skill for blending in.*

The few mortals he comes into contact with always seem off-put by the way he speaks and behaves. Deciding it was time to leave the forest, he steals clothes hung to dry, dons a torn dirty hat to cover his horns, and slips into the nearest town as a beggar. Feeding off of the other vagabonds and vagrants passing through, he begins a slow process of shaking off the wilds that even now called to him. He hides away the small amounts of handouts he gets, steals from those he kills, and breaks into shops in the dead of night to steal from their tills and safes. Soon he will amass enough to purchase a place to live.

*A mortal discovers the journals of a long dead Character, or your own lost Diary, and approaches you. What do they seek? Gain a Skill or a Resource. Create a mortal Character.*

Not long after finally reestablishing himself into society, even if it was on the lower end, he had a visitor one hot summer evening. She introduced herself as Wendy Suvall and said she was a local historian and fascinated with the occult and paranormal. She also knew of his secret. She gifted him a worn leather diary that was owned by a man named Christopher. Apparently, this man was his familiar well over a century ago. Inside, the pages read of the man’s life growing up as a servant of a vampire. He spoke of the betrayal he felt at being abandoned in prison. He let Wendy leave, as something about her made him believe he could trust her with the knowledge of what he was. At least, for now.

*The mortal harms, shames or exposes you. Check a Skill as you fruitlessly pursue them. Lose a Resource.*

One evening he was greeted to the day’s paper on his front doorstep. Curious, as he did not read the news, he flipped through the pages and within found a long editorial by Wendy revealing the true nature of his condition. It wasn’t long before an angry mob began to form. He searched the house for any treasured items he wished to flee with and only found the hunting coin. Wendy must have broken in and stole back the diary. He snuck out the back of his home as crowds formed in the front. He headed to Wendy’s home and searched for her and the diary. Neither was there, so he set a fire to it and watched it burn to the ground before leaving the town.

*Vast numbers of humans are migrating around the world. What group becomes easy to feed upon? How do you capitalize on their helplessness? Create a Resource.*

War has broken out within the country. Thousands of men, women, and children flee the chaos and destruction. Taking advantage of the situation, he converts an abandoned cottage in the woods near the border of the engagement for a safe haven. He pays a local printer to create cards with a simple logo and cryptic directions to this hidden home. Half of the travelers he feasts upon and the other half he lets pass. Aid workers who are trying to help the refugees continue to hand out his cards to those running from the destruction. It is nearly a perfect system.

*Language itself leaves you behind. People discuss concepts you cannot grasp using tools you cannot understand. How is this problem dramatically made manifest? Create a Character who will teach you a Skill to help you offset this disadvantage.*

It didn’t happen suddenly. It was a slow progression over the centuries of his existence that eroded the understanding of what the mortals around him were saying. He no longer understood the words spoken by the humans he came into contact with. They spoke quickly, in brief words and letters that took full sentences and broke them completely down in a mutter. They carried electronic devices their faces stayed glued to and tapped the small machine to speak to those far away. It was from the kindness of a young vampire, Balazar, who taught him how to read minds. Once he fully fed, he could sit upon a bench and listen to the idle chatter of those passing quickly by.

*An antiquity has surfaced which is directly tied to your mortal life. Check a Skill or lose a Resource and gain the antiquity as a Resource, then regain one of your earliest Memories. Record an Experience about acquiring the antique.*

It was in a museum exhibit, that he sees a sword on display he recognizes from a long time ago. Dodging, parrying, swinging it down upon his enemies, a kind old man teaching him how to fight, and a proud smile as the old man gifts him this sword. He left the museum and easily broke in the following night reading the mind’s of the guards on patrol. Once he held it in his hands, glass shattered around him and sirens blaring, the memories of his grandfather came flooding back. A smile on his lips, tears falling from his eyes, he cut down the men and women who tried to stop him. He escaped into the night, feeling, for the first time in as long as he could remember, a sense of peace and happiness.

*You bond with an ancient enemy Character over your shared past, finding in it something more comprehensible than this modern world. Check a Skill. You become friends. Share a Resource and gain a Resource that is shared with you.*

He hunts below the surface, as he is not as powerful as he once was. Amongst the vermin crawling throughout the tunnels, he finds a beautiful vampire called Gaius. Gaius pledged his immortal life to him, calling him Marus. It was his name, he was told. Not remembering his mortal life, beyond the sword of his grandfather, he trusted Gaius and reclaimed it. Gaius remained by his side and the two became inseparable hunting partners and close friends. Gaius claimed to also be responsible for Marus’ undead life, and gifted him a peculiar silver locket he said Marus cherished centuries ago. Marus felt compelled to match the kind gesture and offered his grandfather’s sword. He had no memory of this immortal, but he could not deny the strong bond he felt with him.

*You are caught outside and destroyed. What happened? The game is over.*

Marus and Gaius gave each other a strength they did not possess apart. The millennium was not kind to their physical shells and as another several decades passed it became increasingly difficult for them to hunt and feed. They found shelter in an industrial park and continued to live out their lives the best they could. It was mice, squirrels, birds, and anything they could manage to grab that kept them fed. One night, close to dawn, they stumbled across a photographer taking pictures of dilapidated buildings and the surrounding factories. Lost in the ecstasy of human blood, the two drained the man, but did not pay attention to the creeping light. They couldn’t dig, as the ground was concrete for hundreds of yards in all directions. They had no structures to hide in, as the buildings were shells of their former self. The two looked at one another, blood dripping from their mouths, and realized their fates were sealed. Embracing one another, the sun flooded the area. A small breeze blew a cloud of dust and ash across the empty space and all that remained was the dried husk of a young man. It was the last meal of Marus, a thousand year old vampire.

The End

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