Thousand Year Old Vampire, Part Two

Part One

Thousand Year Old Vampire can be purchased in physical form and PDF on Indie Press Revolution and digital form on, if you wish to purchase this amazing game. Tim Hutchings, the creator of this experience, can be found on Twitter.

*Erase the first sentence of any two Memories. You’re not quite sure why. Do not create an Experience about this.*

Will not add an entry here, as the prompt says not to create an experience. For the sake of telling the V story, I will list the two erased sentences below.

  1. While skinning a wolf that was plaguing my family’s land, I found an old Roman coin in the beast’s stomach.
  2. A wealthy young man named Gaius passed through the village and was seduced with a secret rendezvous in the forest. Gaius turned me into a vampire to enslave me as an eternal concubine, but had to flee when I fiercely fought back.

*Create a mortal Character. You have shaped them from infancy to be exactly what you want. Lose a Resource.*

One night, William feasted upon a married couple while they slept soundly in their bed. It wasn’t long after a baby began to cry in the next room. William took in the child and named him Christopher, instead of destroying it. He raised him into a fine young man who serves William obediently and without question. He is only one, but is a far better servant than the entire flock he left behind.

*You are trapped outside when the sun rises and take shelter some place you are not supposed to be. A child discovers and befriends you. Create a mortal child Character and record a humanizing Experience.*

William wandered too far from his lair one evening and lost track of time. As the sky turned from black to a dull gray, he took shelter in a barn. A young child named Lucy found him hiding in a dark and shadowy corner and tried to help William by bringing him food and a book to read. This touched William, so he did not act as impulsively as his mind wished him too. When the sun set, he left Lucy and the barn.

*Your methods for acquiring victims are no longer effective. What has changed? Lose a Resource and create a Skill which describes your new feeding techniques.*

When William awoke to fire and screams, he instinctively leaped through a window and ran. When he circled back around, he watched the guards take Christopher away for the crime of arson. With his food source in prison and his home ashes, William retreats to the forest where he feeds upon the animals for sustenance.

*You keep a prisoner. Why this particular person? Why don’t you feed upon them? Create a Character and a Skill related to keeping them captive.*

In a desperate move to rescue Christopher, William kidnaps the Captain of the Guard’s son Richard Benton. The boy is easily manipulated to follow William with promises of wealth and power in a far off land. He has no plans to feed upon his captive, but only adds to the lie when Richard begins questioning his captor. It is William’s hope the search for Richard will distract the guards enough to let him break into the heavily defended prison and release his familiar.

*What social mores have you forgotten? Lose a checked Skill.*

William’s plan for Christopher did not go the way he thought it would as nobody went to search for Richard. Unfortunately, for the son of the Captain of the Guard, William’s new feral nature took hold and he forgot who his captive even was. While his prisoner slept, William drained the young man of his blood and went off into the woods with no memory of the corpse, the plan, or the familiar sitting in the nearby prison.

*You fall into a deep slumber for a hundred years. Strike out any mortal Characters.*

William became one with the forest. He shook off his connections with civilization and became a wild thing out amongst nature. He feasted upon animals and the occasional lost man or woman, he dug deep into the earth at night to sleep, and the locals soon spoke of the demon that lived out in the darkness. One night, the hunger for blood was nearly unquenchable. He came across a wolf den amongst some boulders and entered. After draining everything inside with a heartbeat, William dug deep into the ground within the burrow and fell into a deep slumber for a full century.

*Your whole being becomes centered in your senses and your hunger. Create a Skill that demonstrates your feral vampire nature and lose an existing Memory.*

When he awoke, the hunger called to him. Every fiber of his being yearned for blood and he could smell the richness of it around him. He could not remember who he was, though other memories flitted in the periphery of his consciousness. He feasted upon rats, squirrels, deer, and another entire den of wolves. The smaller animals he ate nearly whole. He came across a group of hunters camping next to a small river and tore them to pieces. He washed himself in the rushing water and felt just a small bit of relief in his cravings.

*Age has damaged your Diary. Strike out three nouns from the Memories in your Diary, starting from the oldest entry. If you have no Diary, do this to the first three nouns in a Memory of middling age.*

Having decided to forgo a Diary this playthrough, here is the Memory that was changed.

I awoke one evening to find a young man sleeping by my side. I could not say why he was there, but his blood was intoxicating and a rare treat out in the dark forest I called home.

*You destroy something important to you in a purposeless rage. Lose a precious Memory or a destroy Resource.*

The anger for what he has become consumes him. He awakens one night, his body yearning for blood, but he does not answer. Rage drives him into the night and he slaughters any living creature he can find. He forgoes any consumption and just kills. As the sky begins to lighten, he washes himself in a cool stream and retires to a nearby cave. As sleep begins to take him, he realizes he no longer remembers how he became this thing that hunts and feeds on life. He can not recall those responsible or if the transformation was anyone’s fault but his own.

*Things fall to dust. Lose a Resource for which you have no corresponding Memory. Do not create a new Experience for this Prompt, it simply happens as you stare in silence.*

Truth be told, I lost my last Resource a LONG time ago and have been unable to create a new one. The rules state that if you have no available resources, you are able to Check a Skill which means you can no longer use that Skill in a prompt. I find it fitting, given the description above, to check Swordsmanship.

*You make a new copy of your crumbling Diary. In your most recent Diary Memory, swap two verbs each for the other. If you have no Diary strike out three verbs in your most recent Memories.*

As mentioned above, I am not using the Diary feature in this playthrough, so here is the affected memory.

I hate what I am and the animal I have become. I spend an entire evening killing everything I can find in the forest but do not drink a drop of blood. I can no longer remember how I got this way or those responsible for this.

*Your body is undergoing further corruption and change. When do you first notice these new changes? Create a Mark.*

He awoke one evening with his head pulsing and pain searing his scalp. Hoping it would fade after feeding, he went into the night and hunted. After consuming a fair share of blood, the pain did not reside. To his horror, two horns began to break through his scalp. It was not a quick transformation, but it only took three nights for the black growths to curve backwards down his head and nearly rest upon his shoulders. He did not know why this happened and fell into a deep depression as his animalistic nature now mirrored his physical being.

*What simple, practical skill proves invaluable in your strange existence? How did you learn it? Create a Skill.*

Purely by accident, he had started a fire. It was not intentional, but not long after the flames were crackling and the warm light filled the small clearing, a man approached. He had gotten separated from his friends while hunting and was completely lost. A young woman picking berries had gotten turned around when the sun went down. He drained them both, burying the bodies in the nearby brush. He now utilized this skill by lighting a couple small inviting fires and waiting.

*How did you come to be in a place of common laborers? What previously checked Skill convinced them to accept you? What was that night of camaraderie like? Create a mortal Character. Check a Skill.*

The young man is almost on top of him, as he lay hidden amongst leaves and mud. A wolf pack had surrounded the young man and was ready to charge. He springs forth, saving the life of the young man and fighting with the wolves until they are either dead or run off. He shows him back to the main camp he had wandered from and he meets the entire party of hunters. They are taking a few days to reconnect with nature and found it good fortune to meet one such as the young man’s savior. The young man, Edward Dartan, intrigues him. He destroys none in the group, and shows them some tips for using the earth itself to hide amongst the living things.

*Timeless introspection becomes manifest in creative acts. Choose a creative Skill based on a lost Memory.*

A beautiful face stares back at him. He was a young man who had stumbled too close to the outskirts of the town. He slices and molds the skin on the face to resemble someone he could no longer remember. A visage that took shape in his dreams but vanished when the last rays of light dipped below the horizon. It had been a man, and these victims were to look like him to the best of his crude attempts. He waited until the transformation was complete before feeding. When done, he found himself lying next to the dead person, stroking their hair. It was an obsession to the craft and the unseeable muse.

Part Three

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