The concept of a quarantine movie, shot and edited completely through the pandemic, is exciting. Not being the biggest fan of the horror genre, I was interested enough to give the Shudder streaming service a download and sign up for the free trial. Only having a run time of fifty seven minutes was also appealing in that as a dad of two children under five I don’t have a lot of free time to sit and watch any sort of anything. With the app downloaded, the movie starting, and my headphones tucked into my ears, I was ready.

Six friends decide, with the help of a medium or spiritualist or whatever she is technically referred to, that a seance over Zoom is how they are going to spend their evening. In the opening moments you get a quick look at the cast and lightly introduced to their characters. This sets the stage for some internal drama and does a great job of showcasing these minor conflicting tones in a speedy timeframe. With some small hiccups and some outside distractions, the group eventually gets through the opening moments of their session before things start to happen.

I’ll leave the rest of the movie for you to experience, but I really can’t recommend it enough. It packs terror, complex characters, and hauntingly memorable scares in its short run time. There were a few unanswered questions but it didn’t so much detract from the movie but fuel some fun online conversations when I was talking to other fans on Twitter. It also reinvigorated an interest in the genre and since watching it have plowed through several other horror films with a desire for more.

I’m also incredibly excited for what this team does next. The biggest takeaway from me is that if this cast and crew can deliver so much in so little what can they do with a feature-length movie? My biggest gripe with Host is its length and that is because I wanted more. Go check it out!