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Just Needed to Vent

Sitting here and staring at my computer screen, these are a few of the thoughts that are going through my head. I want to write about video games. But, how should I write about video games that is different than how other people are doing it? I can’t just be another parrot writing my own […]

Host – Review

The concept of a quarantine movie, shot and edited completely through the pandemic, is exciting. Not being the biggest fan of the horror genre, I was interested enough to give the Shudder streaming service a download and sign up for the free trial. Only having a run time of fifty seven minutes was also appealing […]

Thousand Year Old Vampire, Part Three

Part Two Thousand Year Old Vampire can be purchased in physical form and PDF on Indie Press Revolution and digital form on, if you wish to purchase this amazing game. Tim Hutchings, the creator of this experience, can be found on Twitter. *You begin a fantastic construction that puzzles the mortals around you. Give […]

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