Alone in the Dungeon – Bartok Wylon

You can purchase and download Alone in the Dungeon here. The developers, Azukail Games, has a website that can be found here.

Bartok Wylon approached the gates of the mausoleum. He took a deep breath and stepped through a large door which was partially opened due to a broken rusted hinge. Feeling in his pocket for the map he received that night, Bartok was sure he would not get lost in the maze of corridors and crypts below. He searched the small room he stepped into for a lever that would open the entrance. He peeked at the map and saw one of the unlit sconces was illustrated sideways. Bartok stepped over, and turned the black iron bracket. There was a low rumble below his feet and soon one of the main stone floor pieces slid back to reveal a sickly green glow emanating from the depths below. Bartok clutched his shield and let his fingers lie upon the hilt of his longsword.

D6 = 4, drew 4 cards

D6 = 3, turned over 5 of Spades

Once Bartok descended the staircase that took shape as the main stone block continued sliding back, he pulled the map out again. He caught the familiar logo of a goblin giving a thumbs up in the top left corner. Goblin Gary’s Goodwill Maps were always guaranteed to help you through local dungeons, crypts, and more. He used it to find his way into a small chamber just off the main entrance he had arrived in. His foot pushed down upon a loose stone and Bartok heard a clicking sound. He dropped the map and reached for his shield as three acrid arrows sailed out of a slit in a nearby wall and were stopped by quick reflexes and his trusty shield.

D6 = 1, turned over 2 of Hearts

Quickly deciding to leave the room, Bartok slowly crept down the hallway he had found himself in at the bottom of the stairs. As he inched forward, Bartok caught movement from a dark corner. There was a low melancholy groan and an armored skeleton began shambling towards him. It raised a dusty sword, it’s head cocking sideways with hollowed out eye sockets crawling with dozens of insects. Bartok immediately drew his own weapon and slashed across the dent and rusted chainmail. The groans stopped, and the threat was now lying in a pile of dust.

D6 = 6, turned over Queen of Hearts

Bartok followed more moaning into a smaller side chamber. Within resided rows and rows of coffins. If he remembered the map right, and he was hoping he did, this was the final resting place for several dozen of the King’s personal guard. The distressed calls only increased as Bartok took a step into the room. Several lids began to open, so he immediately backed up and tried to distance himself for what could very well be the awakening of an undead army. He moved further into the underground structure, keeping an ear out for shuffling feet behind him.

D6 = 2, turned over 10 of Clubs

The path wound in a semicircle and opened at a larger chamber. Inside, the walls were lined with more unlit sconces. A small dias rose in the opposite end with a large throne. Upon the throne sat a skeleton draped in flowing purple robes. As Bartok approached, the skeleton twitched and turned its attention to Bartok. It’s left hand rose slowly, a finger pointed at him. As the temperature dropped, blue light began to coalesce around the outstretched arm and collect in the pointing finger. Bartok charged, raising his shield as a cold blast of energy erupted. The shield was enveloped in ice and he shook it free. As he cleared the distance, Bartok let out a shout as he spun in place and swung his sword across the ancient neck. The body collapsed, as the head rolled across the room.

D6 = 3, drew 3 cards

D6 = 1, turned over 7 of Diamonds

Bartok found a hidden stairwell at the rear of the throne hidden behind a fake wall. It circled down some ways and it opened in a servant’s quarters. Bartok searched the room, opening a small chest and a broken wardrobe. Just about to give up, he checked under the bed. The mattress jingled, as he lifted. Running his sword across the thin mattress, leaving a black stain across the fabric from the recently vanquished undead lord, coins began to spill from the split. Bartok chuckled as he pulled over a hundred of the gold pieces from their hiding place.

D6 = 6, turned over 8 of Hearts

The room had one exit that led down seemingly endless halls that broke in different directions. The paths were rough and unfinished. Eventually Bartok could hear the sound of shuffling feet. He froze in his tracks and tried to listen. The sound bounced around the paths and he could not pinpoint which direction it came from. He continued on and found a very roughly cut chamber filled with heavy equipment. Large abandoned machines used to dig into the earth were crumbling apart in this ancient tomb. As Bartok stared at the scene, wondering perhaps if any valuables had been found, a skeleton approached from behind. Bartok heard too late, as the undead creature drove a sword through his back and out his chest. He spun, his sword cleaving the monster and dropping the enchanted bones into a heap at his feet. He too dropped as the weapon that impaled him slid back out and clattered to the floor.

D6 = 5, turned over 6 of Clubs

Bartok shakily rose to his feet and shuffled back the way he came. He didn’t look at the wound, but he could feel the blood running down his body and imagined the gruesome trail he was leaving behind. The tunnel twisted and turned and more than once he had to stop and lean against the wall. A new sound pulled him forward as he heard running water around a corner. Bartok entered a small chamber with a stream running across the back. Placed over the fast moving brook was a white fountain that pulled the water up and offered a small spout to drink from. Bartok stumbled forth and sipped the cold liquid deeply. He soon collapsed onto his back, an otherworldly chill enveloping his body. He blacked out for some unknown amount of time and when he came to the undead lord he had decapitated earlier stood over him. It cocked its head from side to side and let out a rattled chuckle. Bartok’s vision faded as an icy chill gripped his heart. The otherworldly laugh echoed against the small room and inside his head. Bartok’s life was over, but an eternity of wandering these halls was just beginning.