Day 15,382

So, I thought I would try this whole writing on the blog thing again. Problem I have with that is I get bogged down in what I should write. The whole point of this site was to free me of the burdens of this issue. My brain just seems to want me to stick to a specific area of interest. It thinks the blog should be all fiction and nothing else. It thinks I should talk about my hobbies and review the content I watch, play, and read. It thinks I should do a hundred different things but only those specific things and I am tired of trying to mentally work my way through it. It says I shouldn’t even be wasting my time and spend every free moment on the book I wrote in November. It says I shouldn’t do any of this and just focus on life and give up this daily struggle. And so on…

I’m going to try again to just type something. Call it blogging, call it journaling, or call it digital rambling. I don’t want to go into detail on work, the wife and kids, or speak too personally about my life. I might talk about things we did as a family or things experienced I feel would be interesting to read. We are supposed to go to the zoo this coming Friday, so I might chat a little about the visit. I’ll probably mention the stuff I’m watching, reading, playing, and so on. I’m trying to keep this simple and not put too many rules in place for myself. Just a way for me to feel like I am getting some writing done and to just consume the media I’ve always enjoyed without trying to figure out how to word it in a special way.

I appreciate the support people have given through these ups and downs. I thank you for being understanding and kind in your comments, likes, shares, and so on. I’m not going to go do the entire list of what I’ve been up to lately. As much as I would like to talk about the stuff I’ve consumed in the last couple weeks, the list would bog down the post and I don’t want anyone to have to worry about reading through thousands of words. So, here are some paragraphs on what I’ve been spending my time with.

One of the things that has changed since having kids, are my gaming habits. Back in the day, I would play something from start to finish, and it would be done. Sometimes just the story and sometimes 100% of the content. It always depended on the game. But, it would be complete and I would move on to the next. With kids, that has changed. Time is not as readily available. I am not complaining, I love my children more than anything in the world. There is nothing I would change and if I had to sacrifice even more for them I wouldn’t even think about it. So, the major change for me is that I don’t finish games anymore. I have beaten some, but I find myself bouncing between titles now and not really worrying too much on whether I am going to complete it or not. Don’t even get me started on achievements and trophies. I have spent far too much time chasing those over the years. Now, I just check them out when they pop up while playing.

Mobile gaming comes and goes. It ranges with me wanting to only play the best and most polished titles to falling down the free-to-play rabbit hole. I’m in the midst of that now, as I bounce between Dream Games’ Royal Match and Playrix’s Homescapes. Both are those match-three swipe games like Candy Crush and Cookie Jam. Packed with in-app purchases for more powerups, coins, gems, or whatever they drip feed you as the player but very much needed to comfortably progress through the levels. I am determined to not spend a penny, and might even check out another game like those to bounce between when I run out of lives. It’s kind of perfect for me right now. Not focusing too heavily on a story, but still getting that gaming in.

Xbox’s Gamepass service has gotten a lot of my attention here and there as it allows me to try obscure indie titles and dive into some of the exclusive triple-a games the company puts up. Just started Doom Eternal last night and it is so much fun. There’s a story, but you can also really just turn your brain off and indiscriminately kill the demons of hell. It’s fast, violent, and makes my inner 14-year-old self jump up and down with joy. I never got around to finishing 2016’s Doom, the predecessor, but now that I got a taste of the sequel I might have to go back and give that game the proper attention it deserves.

In preparation for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, I went through Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman. I didn’t dislike Batman v Superman. I watched the Ultimate Edition on HBO Max and it added, from what I read, a little over thirty minutes of content that helped fill some holes in the original release. Suicide Squad is an absolute mess of a film. Jokes weren’t funny, didn’t care for most of the cast of characters, and it was just, as I mentioned, kind of a jumbled mess. What I did recently see was that David Ayer, the director of the film, has stated that his more serious tone that the original trailer hinted at was edited into a comedy in response to the success of Deadpool and the panning of the original Batman v Superman release. I would be up for that, but the current chairman and CEO of Warner Bros., Ann Sarnoff, has said there is no current plan to release an Ayer Cut of the movie. Which is a shame, because I felt that movie had potential. Wonder Woman was an awesome origin story of Diana and her journey from the island of Themyscira to the god-like superhero she was destined to be. Great balance of action, comedy, and drama. All the characters, in my opinion, were great. Currently, I am about an hour into the new version of Justice League, and I think it’s still too early for me to say how I feel about it.

There’s more for me to share and talk about, but I’ve rambled enough. I will post more soon and already feel a little better about getting these words down on digital paper. Perhaps this will be a good way for me to “stretch my legs” before diving into my novel or working on other fiction I have floating about in my head. Thanks for reading. I won’t be pouring over these posts with a fine-tooth comb, so you may see a grammar, spelling, or wording mistake. I am reading through it once, fixing what I see, and moving on. If you wish to comment below, comment on whatever social media site you see this on, and share with others feel free. Have a great week and be safe.